Deng-Ping Fan (范登平)

I am a Ph.D. candidate with College of Computer Science, Media Computing Lab, Nankai University under Prof.  Ming-Ming Cheng’s supervision.  Please visit our Media Computing Lab to learn more about our group. My research interests include computer vision and machine learning.
E-mail: GoogleScholar: [Link].

Community service

Chinese patents (SooPat)

  • 范登平,程明明,曹洋,吴宇寰,任博,一种基于二进制的前景图相似度评测方法,申请号:201810171102.8,申请日:2018年03月01日。
  • 刘姜江,程明明,侯淇彬,范登平,谭永强,一种基于深度网络的多类型任务通用的检测方法,申请号:201810173285.7,申请日期:2018年03月02日。

Major Honors & Awards

  • 2017: International Academic Exchange Fund for PhD Student supported by Nankai University.
  • 2017: Huawei Ph.D. Scholarship.
  • 2016: Won the Personal Best (3 hours 54 minutes ran 42.195 kilometers) in the International Marathon (国际马拉松) of Tianjin Wuqing District.
  • 2014: Excellent Master’s Thesis Funding (Guanxi Normal University).
  • 2013: Won Second Prize of the “Ulite” College Student Technology Innovation Design Contest (Guanxi  Province).
  • 2013: Men’s 800-meter &  1500-meter champion (Guanxi Normal University).
  • 2012: Men’s Table Tennis Runner-up (Guanxi Normal University).
  • 2010: Excellent Undergraduate, National Endeavor Scholarship, and First Class Scholarship (Fujian Agriculture University).
  • 2009: First Class Scholarship (Fujian Agriculture University), National Endeavor Scholarship (China).
  • 2008: Advanced Individual of Social Work, Merit Student (Fujian Agriculture University).
  • 2007: Excellent League Member, Advanced Individual of Cultural and Sports Activities (Fujian Agriculture University).


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