Shifting More Attention to Video Salient Object Detection

Deng-Ping Fan, Wenguan Wang, Ming-Ming Cheng, Jianbing Shen.

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019

(Oral presentationAccept rate: 5.6% [288/5160] CCF A类 计算机视觉三大顶级会议之一)

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Face Sketch Synthesis Style Similarity: A New Structure Co-occurrence Texture Measure

Deng-Ping Fan, ShengChuan Zhang, Yu-Huan Wu, Ming-Ming Cheng, Bo Ren, Rongrong Ji, Paul L Rosin.

arXiv, 2019

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Salient Objects in Clutter: Bringing Salient Object Detection to the Foreground

Deng-Ping Fan,  Ming-Ming Cheng,  Jiang-Jiang Liu, Shang-Hua Gao, Qibin Hou, Ali Borji.

European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV),  2018 / Valse 2019, Spolight Oral presentation.

( Accept rate: 29.4% [717/2439]  计算机视觉三大顶级会议之一)

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Enhanced-alignment Measure for Binary Foreground Map Evaluation

Deng-Ping Fan, Cheng Gong, Yang Cao, Bo Ren, Ming-Ming Cheng, Ali Borji.

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2018

(Oral presentationAccept rate: 20% [710/3470]  CCF A类 人工智能顶级会议)

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Structure-measure: A New Way to Evaluate Foreground Maps

Deng-Ping Fan, Yun Liu, TaoLi, Ming-Ming Cheng, Aliborji.

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017

(Spotlight Oral presentationAccept rate: 2.61% [56/2143] CCF A类 计算机视觉三大顶级会议之一)

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基于视觉注意机制的显著性检测技术的研究与实现, 范登平, 广西师范大学硕士学位论文, 2015, [pdf] (硕士学位优秀论文资助)



A Model of Visual Attention for Natural Image Retrieval

Guanghai Liu, Dengping Fan.

IEEE Conference of Information Science and Cloud Computing Companion (ISCC-C), 2013

(Poster, Accept rate: ?% [145/?] EI)

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